"They'll never care for the brothers and sisters now across the
Country has us up for the war"
-Bring the noise- Public Enemy

There's a distinct moment when it all stops being funny,
the traffic jams, the shitty articles, the crowded colmados and the noisy neighbour,
it all stops being funny,
the way people look at each other and their willingness to eat rice and beans daily.

It's not funny anymore,
it's not,
where's the fun in calling someone a faggot for the hell of it?
where's the fun in going the wrong way on a one way street?

We be funny folk, you see. 

So let's make fun of chubby women and corrupt police officers,
the bad service that surounds us and the drunk drivers owning the streets,
Yes, let's keep making fun of the weak and the artsy,
we be happy folks, we be island people.

Let's bump our knees while we drink ourselves to the bone,
let's talk about the last piece of ass and ridiculous gas prices,
let's find the humour, let's call each other fairies and called it a night,
my rice and beans are getting cold, gotta go.

It ain't funny anymore.

Dominican Republi, No problen.
Con, bi mai fren.