"Seldom have we been so slow,
seldom have we been so far 
My only wish is to see

F a r   A r d e n  again."
'Far Arden' by James Douglas Morrison

I pray to the sun, I pray to the wind
and to the windmills that are not there anymore
I pray to the stolen sunshine that sat near my places
I run to the mischief and the chaos of weak friendships
filling up boxes of firm embraces and cheap rubber shoes.

I pray to a star
a powerful star 
to strike down all the whining, all the repeated chants 
all of what we have created and dismembered 
to strike all the wasted hours looking for acceptance.

I pray to my books, I pray to my films
I pray to one old poet, a drunk and a lonely man
I live in their flaws and the loud laughter of the rest.

I pray to Bukowski and ignore his mess
as I wander solo under the heat of this town
shaking hands with the filth of the dumb
waiting patiently for it all to end and crumble. 

There's no safe place in this city,
There are no back doors nor secret passages 
only the sand, the traffic, small bridges and street vendors,
I have only your eyes from afar, sweet woman
please keep looking, I'm running out of things to pray to. 

Poor Jim
He just wanted to see Far Arden again. 

Poor me
I just miss them every single day.