The public stage and every other demon.

"These words I write keep me from total madness" 

Everything is public, open, near and festive,
air kisses rule in every picture and dumb faces are the new hip and cool,
no more secret spots, no more hideouts,
just the blinding spotlight of the boring, the simple and the safe.

The public stage of affection, shit faced nights and mediocre beach trips,
the masses salivate, shrug and judge the moments,
my moments,
all mine,
they follow, they pray and they solve the problems of the human kind,
one click at a time, one trial at a time.

No more secrets, no more fancy dresses,
it is all public and free of charge,
go ahead take a bite and tell me all about it,
take a sip and and make me a video, 
'cause we all need to know, you know. 

Let's hold hands, let's get on airplanes and become vegans,
let's swim through the manure and come out spotless,
let's make it public, let's make it count,
let's tell everybody for no reason at all,
and maybe then we can make the front page of the fake news. 

Everything is public and I could care less,
it is all known and dissected by the morons, by the bitter and the moderns,
let's make all things public, they said
or let's just wait for the ending credits to crawl up over our blue sky
and expect no change in return for the mess we all have made here. 

Take a bow human kind.