You were born into this Hank.

Heinrich (Henry, Hank, Chinaski) Karl Bukowski
August 16, 1920 – March 9, 1994

Today is your birthday
it is
the day of your birth
beers and cheap wine will never be the same
you took over and ran like a crazy mouse.

Today you were born
Germany salutes you
and Hollywood shrugs
today you got here to fear woman
to tell it like it is.

Today dogs howl very loud
kittens run away
and bluebirds lose their ground
bottles and bottles, poets, drunks and whores
lurking and dancing to all of your records.

Today you were born into this Hank
a grotesques beautiful man
a drunk, a hermit, a poet, a kid, a beat up man.

If you read this
thanks for fuckin' me up
thanks for the advise
thanks for the long drunken conversations about you
thanks for suffering so damn much Hank.

I'm starting to get you now.

Cheers you old fuck.