This is my wagon.

30 people got into this wagon,
they did,
they got in and didn't talk to me,
they did not ask me about our song or if we ever had one,
they forgot to tell me how quiet I've become,
how I look down upon nice sunsets
and how I wanna live on a plane to nowhere.

20 people got off my wagon
when 8 people came in looking for seats,
this playlist runs into bitches brew like is 1970
and that chinese lady keeps looking at me;
she forgot to say anything about my grey hair,
my beat up eyes and this old bag filled with loosies that I'll never smoke.

Get out of my wagon, get out of my playlist.

As everybody got out, you came in.
Into my wagon. Into my playlist.
You never mention anything about that great smile,
or walks to the beach that would never happen.

29 people came into my wagon.
Thank you for looking the other way.

Get out of my wagon, get out of my playlist.

Get out.