Back aches, back aches.

Back aches, back aches
come and sit beside these little ones, the ones I love 
the ones I keep near my scars, near all my maps
back aches and more back aches,
keep them coming to me.

I found my back aches all by themselves
waiting for my frowns, my ups and downs
I found myself caring for them
celebrating the pain and saying goodbye to you.

Many back aches and more opiates,
making room for the saturday beer binge,
yet again another weekend of soft moments
yet another pain free minute that I enjoy,
as the back aches keep reigning over me.

Way too many back aches.
Too many lovers fighting in public,
too many tiny women loving mean men,
too many men completely alone and lost.
And yes, way too many back aches for a simple man. 

Lets compare back aches and empty rooms
we'll find it hard to enjoy and easy to lie about,
a bunch of old folks contemplating loneliness,
as the young run, drink, smoke and go to the beach at night.

Oh Lord keep ignoring us, fine by me
but these are way too many back aches for a simple man.