With all the changing seasons of my life.

"When I find out all the reasons
Maybe I'll find another way
Find another day
With all the changing seasons of my life
Maybe I'll get it right next time
An now that you've been broken down
Got your head out of the clouds
You're back down on the ground"
W. Axl Rose.

I played around with my dog while my aunt passed away
I jumped into your car while Miles played "So what"
I ran around my living room looking for some company
and found a little bird cursing at my window.

I picked up my smile and shared coffee with mean people,
my lower back pain tells me is Tuesday. I hate Tuesdays.

I sat on a tiny puddle while my grandpa left us,
changing the channels looking for El Galáctico
daydreaming about seas of ice cream and that pretty girl at school.
I didn't mind Tuesdays. 

I've said goodbye so many times and listen to the same old records,
I've left my hands in every wall, in every bar, in every cab I've taken,
pissing away great moments that stay in the city.
In my city. Small and shiny, dirty and glorious.

I've sprayed cheap champagne on your doorstep
I've comeback to haunt the quietness of it all
I've sat down in front of you to mock your idols
I've gone too far and you have walked enough.

So let that hot winter get here
I'll be right here
with my back aches
the same music
and all of the rest.

Maybe I'll get it right next time.