I present myself

Once I had a little game

I liked to crawl back in my brain
I think you know the game I mean
I mean the game called 'Go Insane'

James Douglas Morrison

I present myself as a broken man
a healed old man
a man of no physical fears
an old man that loves like a child,
an old man that loves the 'fuck you' on my forehead.

No more ice cream and more booze,

I introduce myself as a limp
as a beardless man
as a man of no structure and lots of plans
a man wrapped around your superhero cape.

No more bicycle rides and more traffic jams,

I present myself as a self made man
a man of few wins and lots of regrets
a man that enjoys not fearing death
nor landing on the cold floor.  

No more cartoons and more french films.

I presented myself to you as a good man
a man of support and drinks
a man of back aches, good music and love,
today, I present myself to you as a decided man
a man that will always be far away from it all
a man that has put that crazy kid to sleep.

No more lies and more lonely days.

I'm a man. 
A man I tell you. 
A child no more.