Punch me in the face.

This is a black eye.

I'm standing right here.
Yep, right here.
Go ahead and take a swing,
knuckle up really tight and go for it.

I'm standing right here, look at me.
Take your petite fist and swing it across the nation,
all the way from South Dakota,
knocking out rednecks and old pickup trucks,
making your way through Alabama and Georgia,
landing right here,
in front of me.

Yes I'm old, but I can take a punch.
I can take a mean punch.
I have before.
So, swing away woman.
You won't?

I'll sit here and wait.
I'll wait for your song to end
your knuckles to gather as one
that loud siren to pass by
And your cigarette butt to hit the ground.

Go ahead, punch me in the face.
Would you?