One day

The sun started rising
as I walked and walked
to the top of the gray mountain.
One day I’ll see something
I said to you thoughtful
yes dear, one day I will
and my eyes never stopped searching.

That cold day ran out of light
hours slipped down the clock
just like the river down the road
and I started wondering how would it be
but it was time to head back
back to woods that saw me grow and bleed
back to the mud that buried my secrets
and back to the land full of deer and oats.

One day I’ll see something
I said to you staring at the meadow
and the sky full of shaky stars.

There I was again
just trying to find something
in a vast space of wilderness
and singing birds and croaking frogs.
A space that wasn’t empty at all.

Then I figured everything out
I saw that face of yours
that beautiful face of yours
with those steady eyes
and those crystal lips
and I stopped wondering how it would be.
Hours froze like never before
my eyes stopped searching
so I said
one day you’ll see something
yes dear, one day you will.