Mickey Mouse, you have no soul.

"That three-fingered son-of-a-bitch 
who has no soul, 
for Christ's sake."
Henry Charles Bukowski on Micky Mouse

Go ahead Mickey, laugh.
Laugh out loud about some stupid shit,
eat your cheese and run around like the asshole that you are,
yes, keep on laughing little prick,
while we all suffer here, 
trying to kiss someone,
trying to make a living, 
trying to ignore your continuous laughter.

Yes Mickey the Mouse, Mickey the loud,
go dance around all your friends,
jump very high for no reason at all,
go ahead and hug Minnie Mouse,
hug her,
give her one if those obnoxious kisses of yours.

Do that little mice. You can.
You are a cartoon and not in this world.
Our world.
No sir,
here you would be beaten to a pulp,
heartbroken and poor,
eating garbage and very far from Minnie.

Enjoy it kid.

Yes Mickey, we envy you.
Even if you don't have a soul
even if you have three fingers 
even if you wear ridiculous white gloves,
we do envy you man,
you get to play all day,
you get to kiss your girl,
you get to talk like a crazy person 
and have your favourite meal every day.

You lucky prick.

Yes Mickey, I would take a swing at you if I met you,
but I would shake your gloved hand first.

I envy You.

And I really hate mice. 

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