Like a christmas tree

I have nothing to say.
Maybe just that the rain doesn't fall down the same,
it feels like someone else's rain,
like it should be falling over you.
Yes, go ahead, you can take the rain.

I will say nothing today. Not one word.
I do need to say that coffee is now watery,
no flavor, no kick to it, just dark water,
like it doesn't belong here anymore.
Sure, take coffee with you as well.

I will keep quiet today and not say
how many crazy dreams I encounter daily,
the running, the lies, the cooking and the movies,
dreams, many dreams taking over the night.
What? The dreams? Why yes, of course, take them too.

Yes. I will be silent today and not say a word,
I will not remind you of long nights abroad,
nor will I mention loud laughter in a tiny bed,
I will not recall missing your smile nor your childish neediness.
But yeah, take that with you. Sure.

I will definitely not feel like a christmas tree again,
Sunday morning hangovers, overloads of ice cream,
an old John Lennon t-shirt and that look you used to give.

Yes, take Lennon, the hangovers, the ice cream, the works.

Just not the christmas tree.